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Our Mission



We create innovative academic course products with a focus on excellence of content, user experience, and learning outcomes.

Consult. Product Management. Editorial Management


Our work includes: creation of digital course content, textbooks, and curriculum design.  Management of editorial departments and product management groups.

Our Approach


We adapt to your particular need and opportunity, while recognizing the importance of maximizing revenues and efficiencies.  We value transparency and teamwork and stay on budget and schedule. We emphasize pragmatism and successful outcomes over abstraction.   

Project types

  • Market research through competitive landscapes, SWOT analysis, surveys,  interviews, and focus groups 
  • Team with your product  teams to ensure successful launches, including product plans, roadmaps and metrics
  • Revamp departments for greater clarity of goals, position responsibilities, and efficiencies in editorial product management
  • Adapt successful digital product, features, pedagogy from one discipline area to another
  • Ed tech product management, including creation of features that ensure successful learning outcomes
  • Curriculum and course design in high school, AP, college and professional certification
  • Strategic planning and processes to maximize outcomes, assessment and taxonomies
  • We're open, give us a shout and we'll partner with you on your goals and budget

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